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I'm currently in "hurry up and wait" mode on the closing of our house and moving stuff around. I didn't mention it above, but last week had a 10/10 stress factor. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to skip the details, but when you work with financial people, keep them on a very short leash.

So, I'm going to lose my Internet connection in a bit, for a bit. But, I wanted to throw out a few thoughts on health (Dan John taught a lot of us the concept of health and fitness -- well-being and specific preparedness).

If you are unhealthy (you hurt) you have a few options: (1) "suck it up" and keep going, (2) quit, (3) address it. With 1 and 2, you will eventually stop doing things. So, we're left with addressing it.

Many of us are a mess. I'm mid-30s. I grew up with a good bit of "play" in my life, but I lost a lot of it in high school to video games and TV. Dumb me, my parents should have encouraged me more, etc. That ship has sailed. I'm still better off than many of our youth will be in 20 years.

Some of my friends in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are hurting for other reasons. They played a lot while young. But, they also moved into the "suck it up" mindset and pushed it until and beyond the point of breaking: shoulders, knees, hips.

I think some us now see a different path we want to follow: we want to get "awesome". But, we want to be healthy and we want to be health 20-30-50 years down the path. We want to use our fitness with our grandkids. We want long-term health and we want to build fitness.

Looks like the guy is here to steal my cable modem. Talk to you soon.
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