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Athletic standards should match/resemble the task: 5k runner? have some split standards or look up some benchmarks for the top 100 runners in your class, if all of them have a 2x BW deadlift maybe that's something you should have. If on the otherhand none of them can do more than 10 pullups, what's the point of spending time training that expression?
A GPP standard list is harder to nail down, if it's truly general you better have some good endurance standards and strength benchmarks, how about sub 3 hr marathon and 2.5xBW deadlift, "named" workout times are irrelevent to "real" fitness because efficiency can be learned and the general preparedness is lost.
Before a list is compiled for standards ask standard questions.
-Who am I?
-What do I do?
-What are my weaknesses?
-What is fun for me?

And can we stop using the term "elite" unless speaking of someone or some standard that is elite?
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