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Default Modified Programming

I've spent over 4 years now trying to reach a certain goal, and I've failed repeatedly due to my tendency towards being "over-motivated" and biting off more than I can chew, only to dip into overtraining and injuries.

So, I am humbly asking for any advice, guidance, or help with planning and programming my training. I've been debating whether or not to ask this question here for some time now, but I think it's best for me just to ask for help and do it right.

Josh Everett was kind enough to talk with me, and expressed that running will be the most important thing for me to develop. He also recommended to me the SEAL/SWCC physical training guide as a means for preparation:
Though he did note that the strength program was lacking.

Andrew was also kind enough to share his decathlon training with me as well:
However, I'm not sure how to incorporate decathlon training into my preparation because 1) I don't anything about track and field sports like pole vault or throwing, and 2) I'm not sure how to balance it with the PT program.

Basically, what I'm thinking about doing is scaling the SEAL/SWCC guide down some, so that I'd start with 1.5 mile runs instead of 3 mile runs, and ramp the mileage more slowly and cautiously since I seem to be prone to stress fractures. I'm leaning towards a model similar to Hal Hidgon's ( novice program for the 5K where the weekly run distance is increased by .25 mile per week. I do feel that 6 days a week of running and swimming might be excessive, but having not run through the program before, perhaps the variations of interval, CHI, and LSD will help to balance the endurance work.

As for the PT. I was thinking that cutting down the volume and increasing the weight might serve me better. I've been stuck at the same number of pullups, pushups, and situps for a long time, so clearly just doing more and more sets of PT exercises is not helping me to increase my numbers.

Speaking of which, my numbers:

I'm 5'9" and 170 lbs. Low body fat, not sure what it is exactly, but I'd guess probably around 10%. I eat a paleo diet with some dairy, more specifically kefir and whey protein. Otherwise, I'm full on paleo, though I do tend to eat more fruit than vegetables 1) because I prefer them and 2) because they're just more convenient. I can carry an apple around, but I don't know too many people who like to carry a bag of kale around.

500 yd swim, CSS (combat swimmer sidestroke)- 8:12
Pushups in 2 minutes- 98
Situps in 2 minutes- 96
Pullups- 18
1.5 mile Run- 10:05

My goal is:

500 yd swim, CSS- sub 8
Pushups- 100-120
Situps- 100-120
Pullups- 20+
1.5 mile Run- sub 9

All and any help is greatly appreciated. Not limited to programming either, if anyone has something to add about diet or anything else, I'd like to hear that too. I'm really trying my best here to plan my programming properly so that I can avoid overtraining and injuries while making solid progress.

Thanks guys!
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