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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
Is this goal related to something tangible, like acceptance into some sort of group or is this just for your own benediction?

How often are you performing the events you are testing at?
Hi Steve,

Yes, my goal, and the numbers I cited as my target scores are for the Navy's physical screening test. I have chosen the target numbers based on the competitive score ranges for officer candidates which is much higher than the requirements to simply pass the PST. The slots are limited, so if I could exceed those numbers, it would only serve to make me a better candidate.

As far as how often, right now there's really no requirement for how often I have to test. Should I be accepted into the program, I believe I will be required to test once a month until I ship out. The test is administered in this order:

500 yd Swim CSS
10 minute REST
2 minutes max pushups
2 minute REST
2 minutes max situps
2 minute REST
One max set of deadhang pullups (no time limit)
10 minute REST
1.5 mile run
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