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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
Some interesting info:

All whey protein manufactured in the US is from the whey run off of cheese manufacturing. The grass fed whey is the run off from organic, grass-fed cheeses. This means that the whey has basically been pasteurized twice.

Now, there's a manufacturer in France whom has "native" whey available. This means the protein was manufactured from the milk, not the cheese by products. Apparently this means that more unfractionated whole proteins are available.

The Protein Factory is the only place I've seen selling this stuff right now.

$14.00 a pound for the bulk, unsweetened isolate. France doesn't allow any hormone enhancement with their milk cows.

More info below. I found this kind of interesting.

In the PF forum there are some threads about this and grass fed whey.
I never knew that before. I just always assumed that all whey came directly from milk. At $14 a pound it's cheaper than grass fed whey too, and if you buy the 5 pounder, it's an even better deal. Thanks for passing that along. I think I'm going to try this next, it's cheaper and I can't believe you can actually customize your own protein powder.
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