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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post

Andrew was also kind enough to share his decathlon training with me as well:
However, I'm not sure how to incorporate decathlon training into my preparation because 1) I don't anything about track and field sports like pole vault or throwing, and 2) I'm not sure how to balance it with the PT program.
With the decathlon program (page 22 on the pdf), its mainly just the track work & strength training:

Preparation training effect:

Time stim:

Preparation ratio:

Weeks 1-14 general preparation phase (3 weeks on page 22 repeated)
Wees 15-20 transition from preparation to specific (3 weeks on pages 23-22 repeated for 5 weeks.
Weeks 21-25 specific preparation (2 weeks repeated three times pages 23-24)

Strength training is (only twice a week - tues/thurs or frid, found 3xtimes difficult to recover from):
Week 1-6 10RM, 3 sets
Week 7-12 8RM, 3 sets
Week 13-18 6RM, 3 sets
Week 19+ Special / Specific Strength Training

WRT = 1.0-1.5mi run
RE = Hurdle Mobility drills & ABC drills

Preparation I
1st week (of 14 weeks)
Monday: WRT+RE, 4x100m, 4x200m, 4x100m
Tuesday: Squat 10RMx3, Swim
Wednesday: WRT+RE, 3x150m hills
Thursday: WRT+RE, 6x1000m
Friday: Squat 10RMx3, Swim
Saturday: 4x2km outdoor, 6x50m jumping run
Sunday: Recovery

2nd week
Monday: WRT+RE, 2x300m, 500m, 4x600m, 2x300m,
Tuesday: Squat 10RMx3, Swim
Wednesday: WRT+RE, 2x300, 4x1000, 500m, 300m,
Thursday: Squat 10RMx3, Swim
Friday: WRT+RE, 5x20m HS, 3x200m, 2x400m, 500m, 400m, 2x100m
Saturday: 6-8km
Sunday: Recovery

3rd week
Monday: WRT+RE, 3x150m, 1x200m, 3x600m, 4x100m
Tuesday: Squat 10RMx3, Swim
Wednesday: WRT+RE, 3x300m, 100m, 2x300m, 100m, 300m
Thursday: Squat 10RMx3, Swim
Friday: WRT+RE, 5x400m,
Saturday: WRT+RE, 4x100m, 3x100,
Sunday: Recovery

I started this right out of the gate from surgery and it shocked me pretty good the first few weeks, so I definitely recommend having a month of running at least 12mi per week under your belt before trying it, just so your nervous system and adaptive responses are up to par. Otherwise it's pretty savage. You'll appreciate your ability to transition into different speeds and energy systems mid run. The disparity of both really thin as you go through it. Also would recommend being cautious with overloading/overtraining and let the body catch up when its time to skip a training session, and have quality sprinting flexibility to prevent a hamstring pull. Swimming wise, the track work carries over so well to the conditioning aspect that not much swimming distance is needed. After three weeks I hit a 9:20, and at 9:08 right now with just swimming 500m twice a week.
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