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Ben Byram
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Tuesday 23rd November

This is week 3 of a 4 week cycle as in 5/3/1.
Realised somewhere along the line I'd forgotten about staying tight in the eccentric part of the rep. Focused on this today and whole workout was easier than the last few weeks have been as a result.

105x5, 120x3, 135x2 RPE 10, 92.5x15 RPE 10.
Progress, so happy. Didn't drive my traps sufficiently into the bar on the 1st rep of the heaviest set and almost bailed forwards - managed to pull it back.

RPE's are based on an old Mike T. article. RPE 8 being 2-4 spare reps, RPE 9 being one rep saved, and RPE 10 balls out. Book on my Christmas list if I can find it UK based.

60x5, 67.5x3, 75x1.
I don't push for extra reps on week 3 on the press, just increasing through each cycle. Focus is my nemesis - the bench press.

20x4, 10x6, BWx9.
PB for weighted chins.

Narrow-grip bench press:
Added this last week, to try and shift my bench press having seen a recent video by Ed Coan suggesting varying grips. Figured I'd try it.

Loosening deadlift:
Performed in the privacy of my own home. As I've got stronger in the past, my lower back has spasmed after getting progressing tighter. This has kept my back feeling better. Done with a KB whilst stood on a step for extra ROM. Taken from Pavel's BB book, and Kono's idea orginally.
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