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This seems like a fine time to turn in a review of the Spud 3-Ply belt.

I've now had it for a little over a month, and used for it for something like 9 lower body workouts. Some background on the belt:
- Sturdy, 3 ply design in the back for added stability/rigidity/stiffness. I believe 2 ply around the sides to the front.
- Uses a velcro strap to secure in place.
- Very solid. Not sure how this would compare to an Inzer or any of the other 2-prong, leather PL belts, but it fits my purpose well.

- Like above, solid and sturdy.
- The velcro strap makes it easy to secure.
- Flexible enough that you can likely hit the Oly lifts in it, but it wouldn't suit competition purposes. Nor would it be legal.

Likely an individual thing to me, but with my recent hip issues, and some low back stuff I've had, I am very conscious about my low back rounding out. This belt gives me a good barrier to brace against, and I have done well with it. I'm only 5'6" a shade above 160 lbs today and hit a 3 rep 275 Front Box Squat with room to spare on Sunday night.

The old belt I had was helpful but didn't seem to help me brace as well. Say what you want, but a lift is a lift. If I can feel better psychologically with a belt and hit a bigger lift, that's all I'm looking for.

- I would be shocked if this belt were allowed in any PL or Oly competition. I don't know enough about either one with regards to equipment, but it would be a huge surprise.
- Like I noted above, the velcro strap will wear out eventually, where as a leather pronged belt should hold up for damn near any amount of time if taken care of.
- Can be a little tough to get it as tight as you want, but I solved this by sucking in my stomach, tightening the belt, then releasing and got it plenty cinched in. I've ended up with some slight bruising around the sides, but from what was said earlier in this thread, nothing like an Inzer will produce.

I think this belt was ~$60 shipped. Good deal and so far well worth the price. I don't lift competitively, and have no plans to do so. If I did, I would go with a different belt, unless you have the cash to get more than one belt. If you wanted it as a training belt for some reason, you can't really go wrong.
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