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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
Don, I'll definitely be sending you a PM. My mentality definitely works against me. I remember when a SWCC guy recommended to me that once a week I should put 165 pounds on a bar or in a pack and carry it for a mile. I did that every week just like he told me to, I got down to a 17 minute mile, and then I had to stop because I had so many stress fractures I could barely walk right. It's stupid things like that that are making me take a big step back and really consider what I need to do in order to prepare, stay healthy, and progress.

I've found the hardest part is juggling everything. I can definitely do any single modality by itself, but when I try to work on multiple things it just falls apart. I've always felt the hardest part of a training program is putting it all together.
The thing is though, and we used to talk about this with drs in college, that alot of unqualified people are sending out a lot of bad information about training, or are training people, and unintentionally propagating the wrong message on how training should be, so its understandable why thats the hardest part.
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