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Nicolas Warren
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Wed 24 Nov '10

Snatch: ...70, 75, 80, 85, 90(pb) | 70x2x3 (drop sets)
Hang Cleans: 100x2, 102.5x2, 105x2
Jerk Supports: 100x2, 120x2, 130x2 (each for several seconds; right tricep felt a little bit sore on these...)

Nice to get the 90kg snatch...'BW'. Happened without really thinking about it... seem to have put on a bit in the last few weeks. My training buddy says my rythym is good.
Age/Height/BW: 29/6'/100kg.
Snatch: 114kg. C&J: 140kg. BS/FS: 195/160kg.
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