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Default best probiotics and digestive enzymes?

Robb Wolf is super down with the NOW foods superenzymes, so I'm sure that one is legit. but are there any others that work well? what are the factors for consideration? stuff available at VitaCost would simplify things, since that's where I get my other goodies from, but it's not necessary.

but more importantly: probiotics. I think someone either on these forums or somewhere else suggested Sedona Labs iFlora because of a Consumer Labs report about theirs being the only one in which the bacteria actually arrived... alive. anyone have hands on experience with different brands? what's the consensus recommendation about probiotics? what are the moving parts — is more strains always better or should i be on the lookout for specific strains?

the other two I'm considering at are Jarro-Dophilus EPS and NSI Probiotic 15 - 35.

I slowly cleaned up my diet over the past two years to the point that now I'm pretty fully on the paleo bandwagon. but before that growing up I ate a TON of sugar/carbs, and there were a couple times when i had to take antibiotics (nothing extreme but probably enough to have an effect). so, what might be the best probiotic repopulation protocol for someone like me? should I just go through one jar's worth according to their directions and call it quits? do I need a longer/more sustained intervention, i.e. multiple jars worth? should I mix and match, i.e. the Jarrow formula, iFLora, then NSI thing in sequence. I'm sure this latter option would be 'optimal' but it also wouldn't be cheap! i guess the question is about relative bang for the buck.

thanks in advance.
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