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Default Thursday 25th November

Technique felt good, slowed down the negative aspect, still focusing on tightness even on light sets.

Bench press:
Felt about right.

5 rep PB or should I say PR, I dunno... Very happy with this, has taken a year to get my pulls sorted out since I stopped the Texas Method and got distracted with other stuff. Last year 175x5 was followed 2 weeks later by a 3RM, 2 weeks later pulled 200kg. Will keep alternating a heavy set of 3 (RPE 9 ish) fortnightly with a full bore set of 5 until it stops working, then will probably introduce 5 heavy singles. Deadlift sessions alternated with RDL's seem suited to my spider/orangutan build.

Ab roller:

Forgot barbell curls. Annoying, but they are only curls.

One-arm DB farmers walk:
34x3 laps (approx 20m).
I find this hard. Obvious I work in an office when it comes to carrying.

Followed by curry. The feeding secret of champions!
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