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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post

You should probably also work on strengthening your anterior tibialis. You can either stick your foot in a kettlebell or tie a rope or bungy cord around your foot and a weight and dorsiflex your foot.

Walking, running, and rucking in boots can be very hard on your anterior tibialis.
Thanks for the tip Donald. I'll start working on that. I had previously tried to do a ton of calf raises in an attempt to strengthen the soleus, but I think that was pretty much useless in terms of carry over to rucking.

Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Here something for the flexibility: safe
Thanks for the marathon link, their explanation is spot on, I just can't seem to self coach myself into proper mechanics. It's frustrating as hell because I know how I want to run, I just can't seem to do it though.

As for this SEAL/SWCC video, what are your thoughts on the advice for running shoes and orthotics? I had switched to barefoot because I thought that it would improve my mechanics and foot strength, but to be totally honest, I'm just not seeing a huge difference from when I wore shoes.

Which brings me back to your question, I think my arch is collapsing. I land on my heel, and then the outside edge of my foot makes contact, and then my foot seems to roll in and my arch flattens out and then I push off of my big toe.

I really am trying everything to fix this though. I keep doing the POSE drills over and over, but I'm just not making any substantial progress.
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