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Steve Shafley
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Nothing to be done about it. In the US there's no requirement for any kind of fitness movement to actually work.

Apparently the HQ kids and Lauren have adequately contained Gregg's destructive tendencies by only trotting him out for certs and other big events.

The association with Reebok may end up killing Crossfit or eventually marginalizing it. Or, it may make "The Sport of Crossfit" a big dollar reality. Fit, athletic bodies wearing next to nothing is exciting to watch, I guess, if you've got enough cameras and on the fly editing capability. Glassman was right when he said "people will die for points"...that is, perhaps, the biggest issue boiled down to it's purest form.

Like any other sport, when it spits out a broken athlete at the end of the cycle, nobody will care. Just look at the NFL and how they keep attempting to sweep the concussion issue under the rug.
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