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Default I think my sinuses are affecting my sleep quality

I just got back from a little over 2 weeks in Nicaragua. While I was there a thing I noticed about my body was that I was breathing really well. Generally I have to blow my nose several times a day at home. In Nicaragua I didn't have to blow my nose at all that I remember. I got home about 4 days ago and my throat has been really scratchy and I've been blowing my nose quite a bit. Part of the difference could be that I was in the ocean surfing every morning and I out of habbit probably clear my sinuses out in the water, but its not something that I noticed. Another thing is (this could be due to adrenaline/excitement about the vacation/waves) but I also woke up with the sun every morning feeling rested and energetic, and this despite my diet being less than perfect and sleeping only with a fan in that hot climate (surprisingly comfortable). I'm back at my home in the cold mid-atlantic united states and am missing how well I was breathing. Any Ideas on what is up here? The two places are practically opposites so I guess I'll list out some things that I thought of:

My background:
23 years old
Asthma as a child (haven't used an inhaler since I started surfing year round 7 years ago)
-can't remember the last time I had any asthma related issue
Minor allergies all my life which have signifcantly improved with changes in diet
-Not just from paleo they seemed to have gotten better each year as I matured and began making better food decisions
Paleo for 6 months with once a month cheats (was not paleo in nicaragua)
I think I was deemed allergic to dust mites as a child, need to checkup on that

At home:
Windows closed much more often
summertime = air condition
wintertime = woodstove
-sinuses are midly congested in either case
spend more time inside at home (work, cold out)
generally more STUFF in my room (stores dust??)
hardwood floors with rugs
live in the woods

In Nica:
Rooms usually well ventilated (window open+fan can be cool to cold)
In the ocean daily (at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times), at home its 3-4 times a week if im lucky, havent been in the ocean since I got home
Warm so nice
lots of greenery
much more physical activity
outside constantly since rooms are so small
obviously more vitamin d
diet was poor
much less electronics sometimes electricity out for days
sleep earlier in the night, not as much going on in and around the home so no distractions?

I woke up a couple times in Nica thinking I must have been sleeping for days, only to look at the clock and see I had been asleep for less than 4 hours.
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