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Arthur Jones was certainly a smart guy.

He was the Glassman of his time, in his coupling Nautilus to the training methods he developed as the cure for all, and the HIT jedis were the @F echo chamber, but unlike Glassman, he actually did the research, and applied what he learned. Some stuff from the article that Glassman would never say:

Such training requires close and informed supervision… close supervision to assure that the pace is fast enough, and informed (or at least experienced) supervision to assure that the pace is not too fast. The workout absolutely must not be permitted to degenerate into a race against the clock… each and every exercise must be performed properly
This type of training would probably be of little or no value for a weight lifter, or a shot putter… but it is the best type of training by far for a football player, a basketball player, a wrestler, a soccer player, a swimmer or a person involved in any other activity requiring both strength and cardiovascular endurance.
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