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Been doing to the best of my ability for the last month. PCS'd to MCAS Yuma Arizona. The gym here is not as nice as Miramar but it has enough of gear to fit the programming that I like to do.

Didn't really hit a wall to say..but I've been getting a little burned out on metcon/suck fests to be honest...I'm sure this is due to my nutrition and food intake. I'm currently doing the "geo-bachelor" thing here...I eat maybe twice a day if that...I try to go back every weekend to San Diego (the land of milk and honey...haha)

So today I started a linear progression of Starting Strength mixed with some O-Lifts. I'll do the work capacity from and maybe the stamina portion if it fits with my SS lift.


Warmup 95lbs - 105lbs
Work Sets
135lbs 3x3

Warmup 95lbs - 225lbs
Work Sets
275lbs 3x5

No time for work capacity/metcon ...will try to make up tonight.
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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