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Donald Lee
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The Swing may be more useful than the Snatch, but his argument isn't very persuasive if you break it down.

- Training hip extension and training the glutes aren't really all that different.
- I'm not sure you really want to use a dynamic exercise like the Swing to stretch your hip flexors. If you have hip flexor tightness, there are probably a lot of other things you should be doing before you ever use the Swing to stretch your hip flexors.
- Many exercises strengthen the lower back as a stabilizer vs. a dynamic flexor/extender (Is extender a made-up anatomical term?). The Swing is great from your lower back, but not really for the reason he wrote.
- A heavier weight does not necessarily mean better. Heavier weights bias toward more strength-speed while lighter weights bias towards more speed-strength.
- Why do you need to focus more on hip extension?
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