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The chronic health problems started years before I ever started training--started around 2005/2006 and I didn't start working out regularly until late 2008, and now that I think of it didn't start higher volume work (or what people tell me is higher volume work, anyway) until later 2009. So "two years of high volume training" should really be "one year of high volume training."

Except for the past month or two, I've never been a regular coffee or tea drinker, as in maybe a two cups of coffee on average across a month.

The gluten though, taken on average across any year my diet is, uh, definitely not majority Paleo. And I am super-lax about Vitamin D supplementation and am a bit of a sunscreen fanatic to boot. I also tend to forget to I need fluids.

I had not considered those, as I thought stuff like gluten and Vit D tended to manifest in more chronic conditions like allergies, inflammation, celiac, etc, rather than my body happy chugging along before switching abruptly into some random shut-down. Is that not the case?

(I dropped a workout day from my week at the beginning of the month--moving from five workouts to four. This was going to be temporary but I guess I could see how I feel on it and maybe make it permanent)
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