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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Spot on!
It blows my mind that these people keep saying theyre evidence based, keep trying to become the official regime of the military, and keep expanding their influence, yet there is not a single legitimate and objective case study performed on this stuff, nor against a control, or any traditional program. Not even a single HQ member as any accreditations or university degrees in any field: ex phys, ex science, kinies, sport sci, none. There "journal" is plagued with inaccurate and failing information. Its a pure con. Someone should do something about this.
That's the genius of it. Look how many affiliate owner bios start with "I was never athletic growing up/picked last for dodge ball/sucked at sports/etc." Now look at HQ. Not a single person running the thing with any credentials, competitive history, or any visual evidence that they even train at all. That is how you market to the masses because the masses are average and uncredentialed.

You don't make money by marketing to the elite. Instead, you market a new definition for elite...hell, a new definition for everything. Then you invent a competition and challenge everyone else in the world to prove you wrong. It doesn't matter to your followers that nobody else cares to prove you wrong; it only matters that nobody else shows up.

It's genius.

Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Them arguing Games winner is fitter than Bryan Clay in the comments:,698/

Bryan Clay weighs 185, back squats 272kg (598), benches 161kg (354), power cleans 152kg (332), has a standing vertical jump of 44in, runs a 10.35 100m dash, 4:38mile............ and he doesn't do "metcons"
The amount of stupidity in that string of comments is staggering. I can't believe I share a planet with some of those people.
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