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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
And this is why we love Gant.

Edit: and I just reread in that games post that someone said Speal could do a 4:38 1500m ... without training it. HAH. I doubt it, especially because his profile states he hasn't run below 60sec for a 400. Speal is a respectable athlete but people think he's some sort of godlike athlete.
Speal is pretty BA. I'm always impressed with his performance, especially for a smaller guy, he stays right in there with the big guys even at heavier weights. But... yeah, people seem to think he's some supreme athlete. He's good, don't get me wrong, a much better athlete than the majority of people, but even look at someone like Bryan Clay (a small decathlete), he's 5'11" and 180 lbs. When it comes to sports and athletics, you just can't replace genetics. I wish I was begat by larger parents, if I was 6'8" and 320 lbs. Speal is very impressive, but he has limitations just like everyone else. Thing is, I've never heard Speal claim to be elite or anything, but yet, people all over the internet give him super hero status.

As for the CF article.... I really like CF actually, I think it's fun. Keyword being "fun." I have no shame admitting that I have training ADD, I get bored with routine and just following the steady grind of lifting programs. When I did CF, I never thought it was going make me "elite." (they really should drop that from the title) It's just something fun to do, no different than P90X. P90X isn't going to make you the next Gold Medalist. It's just a fun way to get in shape, burn off some extra pounds.

That being said, most of what CF puts out is just marketing to encourage people to do CF. "This is why CF is better than your current program......" No different than Zumba touting that it burns 1000 calories an hour, or Tae Bo claiming it can make you faster and stronger than lifting weights. Heck, look at the shake weight. It's all marketing. Supplement companies do it too. Muscletech will make you taller, stronger, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and.... as an added bonus it will make that certain male body part larger. Call now to get your free sample!

So, with the CF article, and most of their articles, it's just marketing CF to the masses. They've just chosen to put them out in PDF format for free instead of running infomercials. Which to be fair is really smart. People might scoff at an infomercial, but for some reason people still believe everything they read, especially if it comes in PDF format.

Ps. I'm personally jealous and angry that I didn't think of it first. I could be a millionaire. I mean, just repackage old training programs to the masses and add a stopwatch so now it's a game. I can't wait till people forget about Wendler 531, so I can start touting Cilli 531. Maybe I should start now with a Chadgarian weightlifting program.
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