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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
It's stronger now compared to pre-surgery, but how does it compare to your other shoulder? Is it on equal footing or is it still your weaker shoulder?
I guess I haven't put much thought into that. It's hard to say..

Strength wise tt's definitely a little bit weaker in some lifts, but thats probably normal since it is my non-dominant shoulder? Like In getups its probably 5lbs weaker and 5-10lbs weaker in a dumbbell row.

In other areas it's better because it doesn't hurt after I do some things, my right shoulder sometimes will bother me a bit probably for some of the same reason I needed my left operated on...I blame years of videogames, basketball, baseball, and winter time surfing. I didn't pay much attention to how I was treating my body and no one told me I was doing wrong unfortunately.

Mentally I don't consider it my weaker shoulder for those reasons although I guess technically it is somewhat weaker, but more stable. Although comparing it to an "injured" shoulder isn't apples to apples... So maybe it is significantly weaker. I need to go lift.
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