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Default Tuesday 30th November (week 4 - deload)

Deload week using 50%x5,60%x5,65%x5 on the bench, press and squat. Any lighter than this and I detrain and struggle through the first week of the next cycle. Percentages based on training 1RM's for the current cycle, not estimated or actual 1RM.

Nice and easy on the other stuff, generally dropping a work set. Stopping with 4-6 reps left probably.

70x5, 85x5, 92.5x5.
I felt a bit tight in the hamstrings and focused on hitting proper depth. I used to go rock bottom, but started to get loose before I came up. Cut the depth a little short to remedy it, but now it seems I can sometimes go a smidgen high if I don't consciously bounce a little. Weird.

40x5, 47.5x5, 52.5x5.
Shoulders still fatigued from Saturday. Feel vindicated on binning TGU's. I figure my shoulders need less work and my triceps need more...


Bench press (explosive):
Just a tester. Surprised how taxing this felt, hopefully this means plenty of scope for improvement. I want to be doing sets of 5+ with 100kg on the heavy day before I die of old age. Determined to improve my less than impressive benching.

Back extensions:
Nice steady set to re-introduce the exercise. Was up to 25x20 last year. Going to use a 25kg plate and work up to high reps. Using 2 plates is awkward.

Enjoying an easy week, always battered by week 4. Thinking about sleeping a lot.
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