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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
As for the CF article.... I really like CF actually, I think it's fun. Keyword being "fun."
I had a lot of fun trying Crossfit too. It taught me a lot about conditioning, appropriate levels of volume, the value of a time-limited workout, and so on.

It indirectly taught me about the importance of technique and specificity of training, too - I learned that while CF was nice, an integrated program developed around my sport was superior for me.

I basically got off that ride, though, when I realized I needed very specific work that CF just didn't provide, no matter how "strength biased" or "power biased" you made it. Well, that and when I realized that what counted as a "good rep" was totally flexible - if you managed to set a low enough time and the HQ folks approved of you, all the reps were good. Oh, and when they put out that diet article that had a guy with a big gut explaining to me that leaning out and getting maximum physical performance from diet was easy . . . but apparently it wasn't so easy that he could fit it into his schedule.

Still, I don't regret giving it a go - thanks to CF I found out a lot of stuff, had some fun, discovered Performance Menu, and learned what worked for me and what didn't.

Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
Maybe I should start now with a Chadgarian weightlifting program.
I'm thinking of using a more Chadgarian approach for my next pre-fight cycle.
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