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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
I get that. With this quote, I see how it could be construed. Don't mean to think for Chad, but this one could conceivably be taken more than one way.

I remember a Strength Coach Podcast with Jonathan Chaimberg (sp?), the strength coach to GSP and other top MMA fighters noting that he wasn't a huge fan of KBs, but that they did teach double extension well. Swings aren't much for teaching extension at the ankles, but they are beneficial for teaching the extension of the hip and knee.

In the end though, you're better off teaching someone how to jump before they touch a barbell or a KB. And, if you have to teach someone how to jump, they're f'ed and aren't notable athletes anyway.
Thanks Derek, I was referring to the extension. I was taught to do kettlebell swings just like I'm jumping, so it's the same hip extension. Instead of throwing the hips forward to swing the weight, I try to jump vertical. This seems like a good conditioning option to me because you can string them together and really get some momentum, and if I may refer back to another thread, everyone was just saying how doing multiple box jumps for metabolic conditioning was dangerous and detrimental for you knees, so stringing together kettlebell swings with a jumping style swing may be a good substitution for box jumps. Plus, you can always go up in weight and make it strength biased as well.
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