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Pavel reduced the movement pool for Enter the Kettlebell. I think this is a good thing from the point of view that everyone wants to do the sexy special exercises and learn the secretz before they master the basics.

Swings are very good (as I said above).

Snatches are great but elbows/hands can take a bashing.

Do not abandon swings for teh sexy special exercises.

Do not use the kb as a foothold into the world of Oly lifting.

Do not overthink the conundrum: do I swing? do I snatch? do I go heavy? do I go light?

Do it all.

Heavy swings for sets of 8s - lighter swings for reps or 15/15s or 30/30s - heavy swings and sprints. All good.

PS I like some of that Kenneth Jay VO2 Max stuff (although Viking Conditioning is a silly title). Haven't done enough of it to decide whether it will transform you into a ripped cardio machine ready to rape & pillage across the east coast of England but it does show you what you can do with a 16kg kb.
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