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Originally Posted by Peter Dell'Orto View Post
Is there a need for a focus?

I ask because my coach has me do both without really emphasizing one over the other. I program them myself for myself and other people by splitting swings into a primarily lower-body/hip dominant explosive movement and snatches into a more full-body explosive movement. I don't see them overlapping so completely, or interfering with one another enough that you'd need to focus on one over the other.

I might just be missing why you want to focus though, which is why I'm asking. What's driving the need to make one more important in your training than the other?
it's just really a time issue. although bjj is my primary focus, i find that most of my training benefits come from gymnastics work and jump roping. i squat now pretty regularly, and try to fit in DL and OL where it can go. thus fitting in KB can be difficult timewise, and i don't want a plethora of kb exercises. i know 2 exercises isn't that many, but a lot of times i just want to do one so i can get out of the gym faster (i spend way too much time in there anyways).

this is partially just because i'm having trouble coming up with a good split. i had been trying to make the split based on exercises, but now i'm seeing that basing upon equipment used makes things go way faster. i'm lookin at a 5 day cycle spread across 1.5-2 weeks. if it works out, i'll have a whole day of just kb and some gymnastic statics. then i'll snatch and swing to my hearts content.

i may add jumping over pumpkins per gant's recommendations.
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