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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
The Chadgarian program is a revolutionary system, you lift heavy twice a day, squatting everyday you workout and alternating clean and jerks with snatches. Speaking of which I also invented the clean and jerk and the snatch.
You need to couch that more in technical terms. Maybe

"Chadgarian programming is revolutionary. It's based on the metabolic leveraging of daily heavy squats. Combined with alternated clean and jerks and snatches you achieve a level of elite fitness thanks to the synergistic effect of the two lifts on your aerobic-anaerobic work capacity development."

That's got Chadgarian Level I Cert written all over it.

Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
It will probably make you tired as hell, but you can tell just how elite you are because no one else will be following the program but you.
Hey, you can be elite by beating everybody, or be elite by just narrowing down the field. Either way.
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