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yeah, i kinda have trouble with that issue. i see BB's as way more superior to KB in developing lower body strength, and gymnastics as more superior than KB for upper body strength. KB has a nice middle ground and is great for time constraints. i admit that i have time constraints, but i enjoy gymnastics and BB's too much so i want to keep at them.

concerning conditioning, bjj gives plenty of metcon type training, and the only real outside condition i have to do frequently is LSD with jump ropes (about 30 min 3x/wk). if i do metcon type conditioning, KB can be fine, but honestly the crossfit workout "cindy" is all i really need (adjusting the 20min time to 10 min or whatever i'm feeling).

now i believe that KB are a great tool, but i feel that i already have some other tools that works better for each training requirement i need.

the 2 things that make me want to keep using KB are
1. i own them
2. they're fun (especially the fancy stuff)

what do you guys think?
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