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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Stupid ad copy aside, the 15-12-9 no-drop power clean workout is damn solid. It mimics the demands of stop and go grappling sports (like judo) very well (especially for 90kg and 100kg competitors). Moderate-rep Olympic lifts always creep into my program when I'm prepping for a judo tourney. You cannot replace these with DB, KB, or sandbag work.

And no, moderate to high-rep Olympic lifts will not screw up your ME Oly work.

That's the shame of CF. They stumbled--probably drunkenly--over several good protocols (21-15-9 and 15-12-9 are wonderful) and ruined them with hucksterism and hyperbole.
So what kind of weights are you throwing around in those 15-12-9 power clean workouts? Does it end up being in the 60kg range, or is it more in the 80kg range?
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