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Default Thursday 2nd December

Continuing the deload, just coasting through. Found myself being annoyed by the ridiculous training going on all around me. Doing obscure movements with plastic logs weighing 5-10kg is the latest. I reckon some of the women would be better swinging their handbag around a bit, it probably weighs more...

70x5, 85x5, 92.5x5.
Concentrating on depth and now a little concerned I'll struggle hitting my weights on the next cycle. We'll see....

Bench press:
50x5, 60x5, 65x5.

Much harder than they should be because I didn't take chalk.

Ab roller:

Chest-supported row (or what Keiser call 'Upper back'):
45x8 (who knows what units these are?).
I guess one machine won't kill me. Decided to do this instead of barbell rows, mainly because Cressey advocates them and he knows about shoulders and stuff. Secondly my lower back is getting plenty of training already and they will be done after heavy deads twice a month. Performed with a stretch before starting and a 1s hold at the end of the pull with scaps retracted.

One-arm farmers walk:
Again grip a lot harder without chalk in my sweaty mitts.
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