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The new program i was thinking of is as so:
Note: Although this may not help BJJ that much, my primary S&C goal is to improve my planche and FL

Day 1:
- Squat (generally 5x5)
- Planche and FL work
--- 5x15sec holds of current progression
--- 5x5 assistance exercise (OA pushup, weighted deadhang pullup)
- Jumprope - 30min

Day 2:
- Ring work
--- cross holds - 5x 10-15s of current angle in progress
--- support holds - superset with cross holds
--- 5x5 RTO dips
--- BL - 5x15s holds of current progression
--- ice cream makers - 5x5 with current FL progression @ horizontal
- Repeat planch and FL work + assistance (substitue RTO ring pushups for OApushups)
- 30 min jump rope

Day 3:
- CJ 3x3, 3x1
- DL (generally 5x5)
- repeat planche and FL work + assistance
- 30 min jump rope

Day 4:
- HS work
--- 5x1min holds stomach to wall
--- 5 x handstand walks for distance
--- various presses to HS from floor or handbalancing platform
- repeat planche and FL work + assistance exercises
- jump rope 30 min

Day 5:
--- still devising exercise selection scheme; i'm looking at swings, TGU, and OH lunges (because i've got some wack balance issues between my legs)
Cindy: 10-12 minutes long

The hardest thing to place is actually the DL. I'm not sure where to fit it. Also, i'd like to remove the assistance work for the planche and FL from day 2, but then it's annoying to hang the rings up on another day just to do one exercise.
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