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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
I'm guessing that you're too lean?

If that's the case there are a couple of things I would think may be affecting you. This would be more of a basic checklist. If you answer yes to any of these, move along below.
1) You are likely still in a state of over reaching or possibly overtrained.
2) You may have some lingering injuries that don't seem to get better.
3) You're cold all the time
4) Your sleep sucks, and you're probably moody.
5) Your, um, personal life ain't what it used to be.

again, this isn't medical advice, talk to your doctor, I'm not liable if you get worse:

Like you said, you likely would need plenty of rest. And food. If you are still pulling out from having uber low bodyfat, eat more, rest more. Make your rest active rest only to the point that it helps you. If it doesn't make you feel a little better in some way, it's not good.

One of the negatives that is being discussed in a mass gain thread right now is that so many people on a Paleo diet get so low on carbs relative to their activity levels that they get seriously jacked up. Carbs are inessential if you don't do much. if you like to be active and carry a decent volume of training, you'll have to reconcile with yourself to increase your intake.

For more information on how carbs can affect performance and possibly even health, check out this guy, if you can stand a little causticity:

You can also spend several hour, or even days, perusing Lyle's site, James Krieger's site etc.

Lastly, if you're concerned with issues pertaining to inflammation, you need to eat more plants.
Yeah, I was way lean. And off your list, I have been sleeping less well for a while and am possibly overtrained (who knows?). The problem is I came down with CNS lyme disease this summer, the symptoms of which totally confound any self assessment I do. I'd never been sick before and it just wrecked my life, sleep included. I didn't have a clue what was going on and kept just trying to push through in both the gym and at work. Eventually I spiked fevers so bad I couldn't function and developed a bells palsy (facial paralysis). At that point... I saw a doctor.

As far as carbs go, for someone who works pretty hard in the gym, is 1-2g/minute lifting an appropriate addition to my standard low carb diet? I'm looking to get a little stronger for the next few months. I just don't even have a since of what is appropriate any more...

And thanks for the links. I haven't browsed them yet but will asap. I know the answers are probably in there.

PS. If I do get worse, you can definitely expect to hear from my lawyer... . But seriously, thanks for the reply.
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