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Originally Posted by Andrew Midmer View Post
From a recent lalonde seminar he basically said 30% protein, 60% fat, 10% cho. His science behind it was very impressive.
If it works for you, do that. There are healthy populations (paleo and neo) who do different stuff from that, and it's hard to believe that the human body is hardwired for one magic macro breakdown (that would violate the basic assumption that paleo is built on).

I can't see how the premise that: kcals in - kcals out = weight gain/loss. There's more to it.
The variables aren't independent, so the equation isn't so simple as "skip desert, get lean"

More protein in --> more energy out from digestion/TEF
more calories in --> more energy out from NEAT/NEPA and RMR

It's also certain that some people have lower appetites, better leptin sensitivity, and better nutrient partitioning, and it's possible that some of that can be affected by stuff like macro ratios, IF, and empirically, cyclic dieting works well for both fat loss and mass gain. And it's always better to eat nutrient dense food than to eat crap.

But yes, before messing with any of that stuff, if you aren't losing, eat less, if you aren't gaining, eat more.

The trick in any diet is how to do that: for some people, eating less is hard; and the reverse is true as well.
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