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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Very very true. Then you get stuff like this video:


And this:

And more attitude like this:

All this "your exercising is inferior to us, we're elite because we use gymnastic rings and attempt 100 pound snatches". . . . . For god's sake its exercise, not a cock measuring contest. What is the psychological issue that these people have, that they need to prove themselves so much superior than other people, that they have to resort to comparing exercise regimes and their exercise equipment. LOL! Really, what's the deal with this?! Not only are they shoving out terrible, wrong information about training, but building a social cult around it, and to people outside that social group, they're challenging them to competitions. . . . . . I mean, it's like watching monkey groups on the discovery channel. Its like they, themselves, are actually a branch from the body building culture they hate so much, its just they're using different exercises.

And they act like they're the first to use gymnastics with weightliting and sprinting, pole vaulters have been using this combination for 6 decades, so have track and field teams. A good track and field coach will have the same gym layout, plus the coach will have actual accreditations and an education, and an actual training program.
I like that to get the info, you have to email dear leader. Isn't that the point of writing an article like this (usually)? To give that sort of info?
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