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Originally Posted by Andrew Midmer View Post
lalonde's premise was to eat in a way that restricted leaky gut and a host of other autoimmune diseases.
That generally is interpreted as avoiding lectins, gluten, etc. rather than arguing for a particular macro ratio.

As for me, I just prefer low carb and higher fat diet.
Generally, I do as well, and if totally keto works for you, cool.

However, if it helps performance or mass gain, don't be afraid to carb-up after exercise, and there are Paleo friendly ways to do so (e.g., squashes, sweet potatoes, celery root, parsnips, etc.), and some "not quite Paleo but not totally evil" ways to do so (e.g., white potatoes, fermented corn (mmm, corn tortillas)).

As for exercise currently experimenting with the Triumvirate - with some adaptations to fit aspirations to compete in team CF challenges.
That should be enough volume, particularly if one of your triumvirate exercises is a high rep squat session :-)
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