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Default Great workout

I discovered a great workout last night. I went and played touch football with a bunch of people and was the fastest guy there. Now that's great while playing as you get to touch the ball alot. However, I was probably involved in 75 offensive plays in the two games we played...because of my speed, at least half of those were "Scott, go deep!" and entailed 30-40 yard sprints (unfortunately the QBs can't deliver a ball over 15 yards very well). For the record, I can barely walk today. My hip flexors and hamstrings are screaming from all the sprinting and my obliques hurt from all the changing directions (coughing sucks today!). To top it off, I have a desk job, so after sitting for 30 minutes, getting up to walk again is an agonizing effort. I can't wait to play again on Sunday!

Ice or heat therapy for this?

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