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Default Sunday 5th December

Dragged myself to the gym. Training shifted to Sunday because of heavy drinking Friday and Saturday night.

Focused on technique following some nerding around the internet for any new worthwhile information I could find this weekend.

My current warm-up:
Foam rolling upper back, adductors, and quads.
1. Cat/camel - 12 reps.
2. Bird-dog - 8 reps.
3. Lying spinal-twist - 8 reps.
4. Goblet squat (3s pause at the bottom a la Dan John) - 8 reps.
5. Warrior lunge - 20s.
6. Scap press-ups - 12 reps.
7. Band dislocates - 8 reps.
8. Pigeon - 20s
9. Supine leg-hwhip - 6 reps.
10. Overhead squat - 5-8 reps. (Have started wiggling around a bit in the bottom as suggested in Dr. Peter on this site).

4' C2.

Power clean:
67.5x5, 62.5x3.
First set ugly. Remembered I'd read an article by Bill Starr on Starting Strength site where he suggested thinking of driving the feet through the floor rather than pulling the bar for high pulls. Applied that to the second set and they felt like nothing and the bar stayed much closer to my body. These are light weights, but I'm excited about the prospect of driving my numbers to 100kg through a more efficient movement.

Bench Press
52.5x5, 62.5x5, 67.5x5.
Concentrated on getting a good arch, loading the traps on the bench and using my back more to drive the weight as per Will Heffernan's recommendation on Informed Performance. My back is reasonably strong, so thought I'd try it.
His technique seems to help with my setup. Starting to find what works for me based on that video, SS and Dave Tate's stuff.
(Keep elbows under the bar, pull the bar down, pull the bar apart).

70x5, 85x5, 92.5x5.
Just thought about hingeing at the hips and let everything else sort itself out. Felt good, we'll see what it feels like with a bit more weight on the bar.

Narrow-grip bench press:

15' @ 120-140HR.
15' felt like an eternity because of boredom, but I think this will serve my needs.
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