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Troy Kerr
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L-sits I have not really been a staple in my training. Sometimes I do floor l-sits before my workout and that is usually using 5-6 second holds. If I am fresh and high on energy I could probably max out at 10 seconds. I would say the majority of my core and low back training comes from my planche, front lever, back lever, and handstand statics.
Dips are fairly decent, due to time constraints and lower levels of energy for training the only concentric work I have had in my training are the ring handstand-pushups. Rest sets are 90-120 seconds depending on energy.
I also notice that I am extremely sore from day to day training. Primarily in my arms and elbows. I make sure that I foam roll my lats, upper back, and chest daily. I also include a lot of pass-throughs with the pvs pipe and spotted german hangs.
Nutrition has been primarily paleo. I would say that 50% of my protein has been coming from progenex shakes post workout, and another later in the evening. Mainly for convenience since I tend to workout, then coach classes for a few hours afterwords.
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