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Default Tuesday 7th December

Training percentages for squats and presses in this session are as in week 1 of 5/3/1, just reversed, i.e. 85%,75%,65% of training 1RM.

122.5x5, 107.5x6, 95x10/10/9 - (RPE 9 for last 3 sets).
Just thought about the proper movement of my hips. Technique felt solid and deep enough.

70x4, 60x6, 52.5x7.
Missed the 5th rep of the first set annoyingly. Perhaps partly due to poncing around showing another lad press-up variations on Sunday and more likely because I was trying to pull my elbows down in the eccentric (thinking it might work like it does benching - activating the lats), but forgot about lifting the chest and keeping the trunk and legs tight. Will continue with what I have planned, should be alright. The earth is still spinning......

20x4.5, 10x6, BWx9.5.
Calling these half reps because chin didn't clear the bar.

Bench press (explosive):
Not explosive enough in the last set. Reduce to 60kg. Putting your feet on the bench and lifting your hips to arch your back for setting up makes a massive difference. Why wasn't I doing this ages ago. Fookwit!

Back extensions:
Didn't push these too hard, will add a couple of reps next week.
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