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Originally Posted by Joe Birch View Post
Watching half the people in my commercial gym doing a million isolations or sitting on the crosstrainer for an hour makes me physically ill and I'd much rather see people doing a crossfit style workout.... the lesser of two evils So as much as they are lying about "elite" training systems, at the end of the day most people that start doing it have no intention of being elite they just want to look better, so at least they arn't a complete waste of space cluttering up a globo gym.
I hear you, but I have to disagree with this point;

My globo gym has one platform with a power rack, and two squat racks. This area used do be void of life except for the 3 or so members who actually used barbells, and the 10 minute influx of the arm curl pumping crowd.

Now my tiny corner is always busy these days with a new vibram footed crowd heaving wicked overhead squats and power snatches with a dime and a nickle.

One guy last week was doing overhead quarter squats with 95lbs (he is the heavy hitter of the crowd) with his hands about two feet apart (I thought he was going to press). He almost fell over on each rep, then dumped the (iron) weights forward into the back legs of the rack. Awsome.

I long for the days of cable rows and drop sets in the smith machine.
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