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Okay, so I just got my pullup bar set up in my new digs, and I also have the little toy I bought ( and I can actually do an assisted pullup from a dead hang. WOO HOO! I do have to put the stirrup thing kinda high, right above my knee, with two out of three of the cables in (60 lbs. assistance each) though I could probably put my feet closer to the ground if I had three cables.

Anyway, I can do about two or sometimes three assisted pullups from a dead hang with the thing. Is there a recommended protocol? Like should I just grease the groove and do 1-2 whenever I walk past the thing? Or should I raise it higher or add assistance so I can do sets? And if so, what sets?

So excited I can do something from a dead hang even though it is assisted. And that it's measurable...i.e. I'll be able to lower the thing, or take off a band, eventually, and actually (gasp!) measure progress.

Also should I alternate? Can do wide grip, regular grip, neutral, pullups, chinups, etc.
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