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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
We also had the luxury of 3 hours workouts and then the L-sit and presses were done early on within the first hour and then we would hit the planche and levers towards the end of workouts besides having a snack break halfway through workout.
that sounds awesome, eating in the middle of it all.

i'm curious though, about the carryovers of the l-sit to the planche. when i do l-sits (which i'm not good at), the lats and other rear shoulder muscles overtax from the support while all the anterior shoulder muscles are kinda chillin. i see this posterior focus plus the core emphasis to be great for levers. as for planche, the support feels radically different (although the planche does cause my posterior delts and everything on top of my shoulder blade to get tight, but not in a fatiguing way).

is this feeling in the posterior muscles normal?
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