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Default Help with Programming

Hello all,
This is going to be a long post, but my first post on here so I'm trying to get it right.
Let me just preface this post with the fact I love olympic weightlifting, and if doing hardcore O-lifting training didn't aggravate an old injury(lower vertebrae stress fracture), I would be training olympic lifting full time.

For some reason, crossfit style training causes zero aggravation in my back. So, I am currently training with intentions to compete in the crossfit games. I understand that crossfit as a methodology is sometimes discouraged here, but I do enjoy it and I think that crossfit as a sport has some interesting implications.

Now that that is out of the way, I have a question about my programming. I just finished a cycle with an insane amount of volume, but I indeed was making serious progress and strength gains, along with lowering my times in WODs. It looked like this:

Sunday: Morning-Heavy Deadlift wod
Evening-Mainsite wod

Monday: Morning- Mainsite wod
Evening- Two WOD's programmed around my weaknesses

Tuesday: Morning- Olympic Lifting, 5-3-1 Back Squats
Evening-Crossfit mainsite wod, then two short wods after five minutes rest, skill work

Wednesday: Morning- Mainsite WOD
Evening- Two self programmed WODs, interval rowing/running


Friday- Morning- Max Snatch/Clean and jerk, 5-3-1 deadlift, then short crossfit wod
Evening- Fun outside WOD with logs or tree climbing ect

So I understand this is alot of volume, but it worked for me, I have been keeping it up for two months without injury, but I decided to do a deloading cycle to focus on strength. I am following the performance menu workouts, and it is insane how quickly my speed has increased with the olympic lifts. I'm not mentally drained, and I am enjoying the 9 week squats cycle programmed on the cite so far.

All of that to get to my question, I want to program Olympic lifting every day for my next cycle, in other words i want to continue following catalyst athletics but I also want to program ten crossfit WODs a week and am having trouble fitting it all together. I know it is a ridiculous amount of volume, but as long as i see progress there is no reason the change. Any suggestions on how to separate this sort of strength everyday focused program while training five days a week with room for interval training(my weakness) and alot(maybe too much) crossfit?

If you need more info on recovery habits/nutrition/stats just ask.
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