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This is very interesting.
I would argue the following based on my modal analytical scientific assertions displayed in "Just Reread the CrossFit Journal on Metabolic Conditioning".
And taking and a look at the CrossFit Games format, it is always
1) some kind of hip extension strength, whether static or explosive, being snatch, CJ, deadlift, an overhead squat, air squat, sprint, burpee
2) a heavy design of pullups and muscle ups and rope climbs
3) random use of pushups or handstand push ups
4) they're going to add a pool (someone's going to shallow water black out)

So with this said, I would dare to say, that you could prepare for the Games without doing a single "WOD" at all between then and now, because it actually be a limiting factor in restorative adaptation. How dare I just say that. I would argue that a sportsman with a very powerful vertical jump, strong squat, strong technique in CJ & SN, with great local muscular endurance in pullups and pushups, with a well established VO2max that transitioned into middle distance track interval work; that all of these training effects would positively carry over into a greater WOD performance than 10 WODs per week. That would be very very interesting. So I would commend that you are on the right track with OL, and I throw out there that OL + 400m or 800m track work + pullups and pushups would have a much much more positive effect than doing the WODs... hmm or quite possibly do a decathlon program if interested. That would be a fascinating quasi case study
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