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Interesting Andrew. I like the idea, and it would be a great experiment that I would love to test out with athletes haha. I mean I love Olympic lifting, and I would be doing that if it didnt hurt my back after a long cycle.
The only concern I have is the mental aspect, and the fact that we talk on this cite about the only thing that is going to make you better at something is doing that "something." So I would make the argument that doing crossfit workouts does in fact make you better at doing crossfit workouts, the same way deadlifting will make you better at deadlifting. And like all things, crossfit needs supplementation, more importantly a huge strength base, and a structured strength program, along with running/inerval/endurance training, and most importantly, the WODs themselves. I totally understand that the mainsite WODs are in no way tailored to my specific needs as an athlete, but its hard considering im in school and training so frequently, and am biased to not program wods with my weaknesses. So I use the WODs as tests, and the mental aspet of a crossfit workout is difficult to match with anything other than a crossfit workout, in that way it is unique. Just like how an o-lifting workout requires a different state of mind than entering a crossfit wod.

With that said, your idea is very interesting and it peaks my interest. I may experiment with it myself and see if I maintain any progress.
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