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Originally Posted by Joshua Straiton View Post
Okay, so that was an interesting thread. I see the concepts behind your post on the link you sent me. SO basically I would program based upon the mx chart, and follow the first four months, and your suggestion would be supplementing 400-800 meter sprints as conditioning?
Using something like the first 4 months; or if solely doing strength work and no metcons, using a 400m or 800m training program as a conditioning supplement to metcons

Originally Posted by Joshua Straiton View Post
And using the weight charts and taking percentages of my 1rm's to feed them into these "metcons?"
Exactly for instance: Fran 21-15-9 with 95 pounds and say your 1RM thruster is 185 pounds. I'm not sure that is an accurate thruster max. But 95pound Fran is basically 51% of the 185 1RM thruster. When really a 21rep max is 60% 1RM, so adjusting the weight based on your 1RM is really going to stimulate strength increase because its relative to your 1RM. Versus doing the 95pound is rarely going to increase strength because its not large enough of a load and not relative to your maximum strength.

In that other post I'm suggesting doing Fran at 25-25-25 or 20-20-20 with weight relative to your 1RM, instead of 21-15-9 with a weight that isn't relative to your 1RM. 25 rep max is 57.5% of 185 1RM which is 105 pounds. Say you do this twice a week for a month: so you're doing Fran with a heavier weight, and with more reps. So you're stimulating strength increase + local muscular endurance. Now say you've done it twice a week for 3 weeks in a row, and this 25-25-25 Fran time which was originally slower than a typical 95# 21-15-9 Fran, is decreasing as the weeks went by. So before the 2nd month you retest your 1RM thruster, say it increases by 5 pounds and start doing 20-20-20 Fran with 62.5% of 190. So that'd be doing Fran 120 pounds 20-20-20. At first its slow, then as you keep go through the weeks, the time decreases. Third month you decide to do Rx'd Fran: 1) you're doing 45 reps instead of 75 and 60 reps with the other style, so you've develop local muscular endurance well capable of handing the 21-15-9 thrusters, 2) 95 pounds is 25 pounds lighter than what you're use to. The idea is to use progressive resistance as any other strength training but really the only difference is there is pullups in between each set in the case with Fran, in the case with Diane handstand pushups between sets. So the movement itself is strengthen/can progressively increase, but honestly I just think the circuit training is just a bad concept. My opinion separating them and doing them on their own is better.
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