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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
My total bodyweight since I started has dropped 6#'s and my approximate bodyfat is down about 5% and since my performance hasn't suffered if anything it's gone up I'd make it a safe bet that my real bodyfat loss was closer to 3-4% as I don't think I have lost much lean body mass.

The limited eating window now that I think about it is easier than the whole stuff yourself with 6 meals at 3 hour intervals during the day.
I've not advocated intermittent fasting per-se with our clients but many were used to other trainers trying to get them to eat 5-6x/day. Kids, job, and other obligations makes this a daunting task...and perhaps not THAT healthy when looking at caloric restriction and the benefits of fasting.

You will not get someone REALLY big doing IF but you can get to a damn good level of performance an some good health beneis to boot.
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