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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
I don't think you have enough volume. In fact, this strikes me as somewhat lazy.
haha. Yea I know it's a lot. But I'm young (18) and have good nutrition habits, good mobility habits, and I am making progress. Significant progress if you count decreasing times on the same workouts, along with strength gains. So why change especially if i enjoy it ya know?

And Andrew, I'm sure I would see strength gains, but I'm not sure it would make me better at metcons. Because like you said, training them separately (running intervals/metcons different from strength work) is more productive and I understand that. But I don't do metcons to get stronger, I do strength training to get stronger already separate from my metcons. I do metcons, simply to get better at metcons, which can be programed infinitely. I understand that technically every human movement constitutes a metabolic response, but I mean metcons as simply a variety of metabolic functional activities, whether specialized (running/rowing intervals) or triplets/couplets, whatever. The only reason I use the main page is because I don't have time to program that many specific metcons, and in that way the crossfit's site is convenient but definitely not my best option.
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