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In your defense, I was being kind of a bitch. But if you're making progress, and you think your progress is significant, and when people say it's too much volume you're like "Nah, I'm cool," then why ask for input?

What are your lifts now? This will also help determine how much of an emphasis you need on strength.

Look, you've got a couple of strength workouts in there, but you also have no point for them to recover which is going to effectively fuck up your gains. A "heavy deadlift WOD", if that's a deadlift-related metcon, is not a strength workout. A 5/3/1 squat and 5/3/1 deadlift day does not a strength training program make, especially when you're planning on scuttling recovery by adding in a bunch of other metcons the rest of the day. Are you planning on doing any upper-body strength work?

What is the point of doing two WODs in one session? If you have specific weaknesses that need to be addresses, whether they're form or strength related, how is doing them in an all-out conditioning format going to allow you to target them?

You're making progress now because you're male and 18 and extremely difficult to kill in that state. That doesn't mean you're making the best progress you could possibly make.

If I were you I would do three solid strength-training days a week. If you do a WOD on those days, make it a short one, and do it immediately after your strength-training session. If you do one of those long WODs, do it once a week, and have a rest day afterwards. Otherwise have your "long" sessions be something like going running rather than billions of pull-ups for hours.
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